We deliver strategic communications solutions for social benefit.


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Communications strategy

Before you invest your resources in communications or marketing, you need a clear strategy that defines who you’re targeting, what you’re going to say and the methods you’ll use to get your message across. Our team is skilled at developing effective strategies for brands, projects and events. We provide clear big-picture direction and step-by-step implementation plans to help you achieve maximum impact within your budget.

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Consultation and coaching

Want to improve how your organisation manages its communications and marketing? We can help you uncover the insights you need to enhance your current processes and build stronger stakeholder relationships. Our team can also support you to develop your in-house skills in areas such as marketing and communications planning, identifying and actioning media opportunities, writing for your brand, and much more.

Brand positioning

Telling a clear, consistent and engaging story is essential when it comes to positioning your organisation. Your brand story and core messages should be at the heart of all communications and marketing activity, ensuring your purpose and point of difference is unmistakable. We can work with you to develop strong brand messaging that will positively influence your audience’s perceptions and actions.

Digital content

Your online channels are the first port of call for people wanting to learn about your organisation. With only seconds to connect with your reader, your digital content needs to be captivating, clear, informative and reflect your brand. We’re talented at crafting website copy, blog content and e-newsletters that stand out above the rest. We’re also experienced in working with a variety of digital platforms.

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Storytelling and media

Sharing real stories is crucial to building trust in your brand, increasing your profile, and building positive relationships with staff, supporters and clients – current and potential. We can help you make the most of every opportunity to highlight your good work. We’ll create and distribute compelling stories that demonstrate how your organisation is making a difference. Our team will also help you get the word out to stakeholders and media.

Marketing material

To get noticed, your brand collateral needs to look good and sound even better. With a very small number of words needing to make a big impression, it pays to have professionally-written copy. Our team can write content for any marketing medium, from event invitations and annual reports, to flyers and business profiles. We also know some great local designers and printers who can sort the production for you.

Our rates

We believe that organisations delivering social impact deserve quality strategic communications support, no matter their size. We offer special rates for not-for-profits and social enterprises, plus support to help start-up initiatives get off the ground. Contact us to discuss your project and we’ll provide a full estimate based on our recommendations.

Funding for coaching services

The Word Lab offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Social enterprises and small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. For more information on the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund or to find your local Growth Advisor go to www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz