Social Currency Investments

“Hannah created a marketing communications plan for my business, Social Currency, that has provided clarity and action points to achieve the goals set for my business. We worked on incorporating brand, purpose, engagement and authenticity for a long-term strategy. With Hannah being able to understand social impact business, I felt like I was in the perfect set of capable hands for this project, which has been amazing.

Hannah helped me with guidelines for templates, key messaging, how to understand communications activities and channels, and really thought about what the goals for my business are, which are ultimately to support at-risk kiwi kids and how to communicate the impact effectively to stakeholders.

I have a year of goals/targets and a solid approach to marketing, where previously I was just figuring it out as I went - I feel so much more relaxed and wish I had done it sooner or even from the start. This plan has saved me time and assisted with implementing effective strategic partnerships in my business. Having everything in one document has been a life-saver, and it takes the difficulty/frustrations out of the marketing side of my business.

I would highly recommend Hannah to any purpose-driven business; she really gets it, and makes the effort to take on your goals as her own. As a result of implementing the plan from Hannah, I've gained a number of new clients, a more engaged following on social media, and am able to clearly articulate the purpose and mission in everyday communications.” - Lisa Mead, Director, Social Currency Investments.