Lifting the profile of Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust supports families to reach their full potential through free wellbeing services, offered across the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts.

The team at the Trust approached The Word Lab because they were struggling with a lack of public awareness of their impact in the community. While the local public knew of the Trust and used its services, they were largely unaware of the full scope of the Trust's role and the fact that it needed donations.

Our task was to work with the Trust to develop a foundation communications strategy that would help the team raise awareness of their role in the community and generate support - all on a very minimal budget.

Leading a strategy session with the Community Wellbeing team.

Leading a strategy session with the Community Wellbeing team.

Taking a team approach to generating ideas

The whole team, including the Board, got involved in an initial discovery workshop. This helped us to identify who the Trust needed to communicate with to achieve its goals, what key messages they needed to share, and where they could best engage their stakeholders in a low-cost way.

The team also worked in groups to develop their elevator pitch - a quick statement that explained what they do, why it’s of value and how it benefits their community. Each small group had a different way of explaining their work, but the same key messages came through. This exercise generated understanding that the full team were all on the same page, and helped to inform the strategic key messaging developed as part of the Trust's communications strategy.

Identifying the communication gaps

From the discovery workshop, we identified that the key communications challenge for the Trust was maintaining regular contact with current stakeholders, including past, current and potential donors, and supporters in the community. They were also not regularly sharing their successes and examples of how they were positively impacting their community. Going forward, the team needed to consistently share the story of their good work so they could attract support and funding to enable them to do more good.

Developing and implementing the strategy

We developed a foundation communications strategy for the Trust that would enable them to build relationships with exisiting stakeholders, develop new connections and generate funding through low-cost channels that could be largely managed in-house. As a not-for-profit, a sustainable approach was crucial for the Trust.

We then created a detailed implementation plan that the Trust could follow and began supporting the team with capability building so they could better manage their own online channels, including their website, social media channels and e-newsletter. 

The Trust is now making steady progress towards proactive and consistent communications and we continue to support them. 

If you'd like to learn more about Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust, you can visit their website here.


Client feedback

"We are so grateful to Hannah and her team for their guidance and support in getting us on track with our communications. Thanks to The Word Lab, we have a comprehensive and workable communications strategy. Our website homepage is also updated to better reflect who we are and what we do. We are confident with our social media processes and have launched our first e–newsletter. The team 'gets' us. They are responsive, relevant, respectful, creative and fun to work with." - Deirdre Ryan, Manager.