Cultivating Bloomfields Preschool's brand voice

When Gina Carr contacted us for help with her new website, we were delighted. An experienced early childhood educator, Gina was setting up a new venture aimed at offering quality childcare and early childhood education in a rural setting.

The brand new, purpose-built centre sounded like the kind of place where every child would want to spend time. Bloomfields has farm animals to play with and care for, over a hectare of land, gardens, sandpits, a dry river and forest area, and even a mud kitchen!

The challenge

We needed to convey the magic of Bloomfields as a place for children to develop their curiosity and balance this with key information that parents and caregivers would be looking for. 

Consultant Kirsten Wick jumped at the chance to work on this project. As a mum of a toddler, she had recently researched a number of childcare options for her own son and was able to draw on personal experience to develop emotive core messaging that would appeal to parents and caregivers. 

Establishing a brand identity 

As Bloomfields was a new venture, we were given the opportunity to help shape Gina’s brand right from the very beginning.

As always we wanted plenty of detail – the more information, the better – so we could work out how best to tell the Bloomfields story and share Gina’s journey.

We asked Gina a lot of questions, starting with her stakeholders; who would be using the site and what information would they need? While there is always a main group to target – in this case, parents and caregivers – it’s also important not to overlook the opportunity to communicate with smaller (and just as valuable) groups, such as potential staff.

We also made sure we had a clear understanding of the Centre’s offerings, what makes it unique, the organisation’s key values and Gina’s approach and philosophy. 

We developed a tone of voice that was warm, friendly, and approachable. The language is very inclusive, with all text in the first person, and we made liberal use of emotive words to convey a personal connection. We also knew that photos would play a big role in telling the story and made visual recommendations to Gina.


We were fortunate to work with Ellie from Clean Slate Marketing who was able to design the website and navigation around our content - an organic website design approach. We love working with Ellie and look forward to future collaborations. 

The result

The result is a strong marketing tool to support the launch of Bloomfields Preschool. We look forward to continuing to work with Gina in the future.

Check out the new Bloomfields Preschool website here.

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Client feedback

"I was referred to Hannah by a friend who is also in the marketing business. Right from the word go I was extremely happy with the quick response and the initial phone conversation, which put me at ease. Hannah put me onto a web designer who she highly recommended and I was instantly pleased. The whole process has been so smooth. Kirsten worked with me to gather all the relevant information, then I’m certain she waved her magic wand and transformed it into paragraphs that flowed beautifully and encompassed everything that our preschool is about. Extremely happy with the outcome." - Gina Carr, Owner.