Crafting content for the new Revel Events website

Lead Consultant Hannah has been working with Hitesh Sharma from Revel Events on his community events for a number of years, so when he approached us to help craft content for his new website, we were delighted to work with Hitesh again.

The challenge

The challenge was to create content for a brand new website that would not only showcase the range of colourful, vibrant events Hitesh brings to life, but to balance this with the high level of precision and professionalism delivered by Hitesh and his team.

As Hitesh is a small business owner focused on growing his business, we also needed to be mindful of a limited budget and the need to get the project online as quickly as possible.

Shaping the site

Hitesh was fortunate to have a connection with website developers DataGenius who had some great ideas on how the website should look. We were provided with a site structure to use as a guide, which we were also able to provide feedback on.

We worked with Hitesh to first look at the pages he would need for the website. This included identifying his key stakeholders and what they would need from the site – as well as potential clients and funding organisations, we also needed to be aware that the website would be viewed by people searching for events Hitesh would be organising.

We also had to get our heads around how to articulate the huge range of services Revel Events offers – from help with funding bids to vendor agreements and logistics management – without just creating a very long list!

The result

We are very proud of the end product and continue to work with Hitesh to ensure his website is a reflection of everything his company offers – and delivers.

Check out the new Revel Events website here.


Client feedback

"We are delighted that we engaged the team at The Word Lab to help us create the copywriting and content for our new website. We are ecstatic with the results and we love our new website. Hannah and Kirsten at all times were prompt, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. The team showed understanding that a key driver for having an engaging website is to understand the client’s products and services. We have been doing events for 10 years in New Zealand and Hannah and her team helped us translate all that experience into the right words for us." - Hitesh Sharma, Director.