Communicating the value of learning with horses

Salta Horses is an equine-assisted therapy and learning provider in North Canterbury. Owner Deirdre Ryan approached The Word Lab to assist with updating her website content to increase interest in the team’s professional development offerings and highlight the benefits of working with horses.

An equine-assisted therapy session in action at Salta Horses.

An equine-assisted therapy session in action at Salta Horses.

The challenge

A website presence had already been established for Salta Horses and Deirdre was happy with the look and feel of the site, however the content didn’t clearly communicate what the organisation offers and how their services benefit people and families. Much of the content about the Salta Horses approach was very generalised, leaving potential clients with a lot of questions.

What we did

We crafted all-new content for the website, focusing on the benefits and value of learning with horses for individuals, whānau and professional groups.

  • Together with the Salta Horses team, we identified two key areas of service and made sure that these were highlighted clearly throughout the website: therapy and professional development.
  • We developed simple content that explained the Salta Horses approach and its benefits.
  • We added specific information about service options, pricing, potential outcomes and what people can expect to happen during their learning or therapy sessions.
  • We made changes to the hierarchy of information, making sure we highlighted what website users would want to know first.

The result

Salta Horses is already reaping the benefits of their updated website content. For the first time, Deirdre has been able to refer potential clients directly to the therapy or professional development pages for comprehensive information, saving her a lot of time. She is also able to use the website content as the basis for briefing documents and other collateral she creates. What’s more, the homepage now clearly identifies the services on offer and people are more frequently clicking through to find out more.

The impact of improving the information about their services is clear; in just a few short weeks after launching the revised site, Salta Horses has seen over 30 potential referrers register to attend their demonstrations and is fielding regular phone calls from new potential clients.

We look forward to seeing the Salta Horses team make even more of a difference in their community through their increased network of referrers and new clients!


Client feedback

"Hannah has done an outstanding job of telling our Salta Horses story clearly, descriptively and in a way that is truly reflective of our work. She has captured and honoured the essence of who we are through the finished product. I am fielding weekly phone calls from interested people, who I can easily direct to our website, which answers all of their questions."  -  Deirdre Ryan, Owner.