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The Word Lab is a strategic communications consultancy with a big heart. We support charities and good brands to maximise their social impact through storytelling.


Here’s how we can help you connect with the people who matter most.


A strategic approach

The foundation of all successful communications and marketing is a strategy. Investing in planning will ensure you're focusing your efforts for maximum impact, while making the most of resources. The Word Lab can assess your current approach, find any gaps and transform your ideas into targeted actions to achieve your goals.

Clear positioning

The right words make all the difference when it comes to building your profile. You need to do more than just explain what you offer; you need to demonstrate how you make a difference in people's lives. The Word Lab can craft content to help you position your brand and engage the right people across a variety of channels.

Powerful storytelling

Real stories about how you benefit your clients and community are a powerful way to boost your reputation and influence your audiences. The Word Lab can support you to increase your brand awareness and build a strong community of supporters through storytelling, plus get the word out to targeted stakeholders and media.

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